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  • September Update

    I've been keeping myself fairly busy. We are back into production season at the TV station. Our control room has been renovated, and the space is used much more wisely now. I was just the subject of a podcast for a senior student from Murray State University over in Murray, KY. I'll share that when I get the link to it. I hope that I didn't sound too awful. I have also directed a few live events including a couple of dinners, and a virtual meeting. I'm working with Acoustic Freight Train again. I recorded their Riverwalk Rally concert in 4K, and I'm putting those videos on their social media pages. So far the response has been great! I'm not done with all of them yet, I had two other events last week, so I'm posting these as I get to them. If you want to see more from Acoustic Freight Train, check out Acoustic Freight Train on Facebook. There are several more videos there, and several more that will be shared soon. Otherwise, I may be working on a couple of other projects soon if it works out. Fingers crossed, and see you soon!

  • New Opportunities

    Since I last sat down to write, I have acquired a Canon 4K video camera so I can provide even better quality images. I also bought a couple of new microphones and other accessories. I have had the opportunity to do a bit of directing/technical directing for the Tulsa Ballet. That was a fun and exciting evening. I also had a fairly busy time editing for a couple of business franchises, and a video for a statewide university. It seems like the work comes in all at once, and then dies off a bit. Right now, I do have openings in my schedule to accommodate incoming projects. On a side note, I have had my COVID-19 vaccine if you need peace of mind.

  • Growing the Business

    It has been a while since I've dropped in to chat. Things have been busy at work. New equipment, and a remodel are coming there after I'm done recording this season of "Studio 66" in May. So far we've had musical guests such as Jake Flint, and Larkin come in to our studio. Since I'm wanting to grow my video/photography business, I have invested a bit in some new equipment. That should really up my game a lot. I looked at some of my recent projects, and realized it's time to upgrade. I will also share that I have been vaccinated! I had my second shot last Friday. The side effects were not bad. I had some joint pain Friday night and Saturday morning. Sunday was a big day, AFT-ID, our nonprofit, presented Jana Jae with several violins. We had a really nice event over at the Woody Guthrie Center. Thank you to everyone who donated! If you need someone to shoot your event, let me know!

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  • Emily D Spivy, Tulsa, OK

    MY BLOG September Update 5 0 Post not marked as liked New Opportunities 0 0 Post not marked as liked Growing the Business 4 0 Post not marked as liked PRODUCER, DIRECTOR, EDITOR, AND STILL PHOTOGRAPHER EMILY D. SPIVY I am a television/multimedia professional with over 27 years of experience. I can help you with your next multimedia project . About Me SOCIAL MEDIA REACH OUT TO ME Tulsa, OK, United States Share Send Thank You!

  • Services | website

    Services I am a video/multimedia expert with over 27 years of experience. I can direct a live event, edit existing footage, or shoot your event. ​ I can also publish your event to the web, and edit it for online viewing. 1 Direct/Technical Direct If you need a director/technical director to direct a live event I can do that. Please contact me for hourly/daily rates. 2 Video Editing If you have raw video footage that you need edited, I can do that. The video can be posted to the web, and or sent to you when complete. Rates depend on complexity of the project, please contact me . 3 Videography If you need someone to document your event, I provide videography and photography services. Rates depend on how many videographers and photographers you need, so please contact me for more information. 4 Multiple Services If you need any or all of the above, please contact me for rates and a timetable so I can help you plan your project. Let's Work Together I would be happy to help you out with your video/photography needs. Contact me at

  • About Me | Emily D. Spivy

    WHO AM I? I've worked in broadcast television since 1995. I started at WPSD-TV in Paducah, Kentucky in the video tape room. I moved from there to news photographer, then production director. In 2001 I left to become a director/editor at KTUL-TV in Tulsa, OK. I stayed there until February of 2016. I decided that it was time to move to a different area of the television business, and I now work at KRSU-TV in Claremore, OK. I am a producer/director, meaning I have a lot more input over the projects that come through our station. In 2017, I won my first Emmy award for "Perspectives - Jana Jae." Since then I have been nominated four other times for my work. ​ I am also a 2004 Telly Award winner for "Tulsa Extreme Makeover." ​ I also produce/direct live college basketball, our regional music show, "Studio 66," and any live events headed up by the university. ​ I direct/technical direct "I Want Answers!" It is an academic game show. I also have my LLC, and my projects range from funeral and tribute videos, to some drone work, and promotional videos for local bands. ​ ​ I am the Chief Marketing Officer for AFT-ID . It is a nonprofit that helps children and schools get musical instruments that they need, but may not be able to afford. We are also working to try and save music in schools. ​ In my spare time, I enjoy still photography, computer gaming, and playing bass guitar.

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