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  • More Gear!

    Since I last posted, I acquired another Canon video camera. Now I am confident in my multi-cam setup setup. I also have shoot a couple of really nice pieces that I am re-purposing for my show, "Good Day Tulsa" as needed. when we are light in content. Here is one of those pieces: I found out the former governor was going to be in town, and since no one from my workplace was going to cover him directing the song "Oklahoma!" at the Will Rogers Auditorium. I wanted to know the story about how "Oklahoma!" became the state song, so I just got the story myself. If you need an expert videographer, editor, event producer, email me at or call at 918-896-7285. I am insured.

  • Things Change

    Since I last posted, I left my old job at RSU-TV, and took the position of the lifestyle executive producer at KTUL. I've been working really hard to gain back viewers that drifted away over the years. I still work at freelance gigs, and direct basketball games too, my schedule is somewhat flexible enough that I can still work events. One of my main goals since coming back to KTUL is bringing back local performances from local artists. I've had several on the show since I came back. Feel free to send me suggestions. Thanks for sticking around! If you need help with any event, let me know.

  • Hearty Hello!

    I hope everyone is staying cool. It's been over 100 several days this summer in Oklahoma. I've spent most of the summer editing the latest season of my music show, "Studio 66" and getting it ready for air this fall. I'll be sure to share once it's ready for air. I also directed a couple of state debates for the station I work for. I have at least one freelance event lined up next month. Hopefully there will be a few more soon. Let me know if you need help with an event. All of our pets are doing well. We are OK as well. By the way, AFT-ID is looking for ukuleles, and acoustic guitars for students. If you happen to have one or the other, let the group know!

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  • Services | website

    Services I am a video/multimedia expert with over 28 years of experience. I can direct a live event, edit existing footage, or shoot your event, and stream your event. I am also insured. ​ ​ 1 Direct/Technical Direct If you need a director/technical director to direct a live event I can do that. Please contact me for hourly/daily rates. I can also live stream your event. 2 Video Editing If you have raw video footage that you need edited, I can do that. The video can be posted to the web, and or sent to you when complete. Rates depend on complexity of the project, please contact me . 3 Videography If you need someone to document your event, I provide multi-cam videography and photography services. Rates depend on how many videographers and photographers you need, so please contact me for more information. 4 Event Producing If you need someone to help you produce your live event, I provide those services as well. I have produced multi-day corporate events and ensured those events ran smoothly and on time, and the attendees had a good time. Contact me at: Or call, 918-986-7285 Let's Work Together I would be happy to help you out with your production needs. Contact me at Or Call 918-986-7285

  • Emily D Spivy, Tulsa, OK

    MY BLOG Things Change 1 0 1 like. Post not marked as liked 1 Hearty Hello! 1 0 Post not marked as liked 4/27/2022 Update 5 0 Post not marked as liked Producer, television director, live event director, photographer, videographer, and editor. EMILY D. SPIVY I am a multimedia professional with over 28 years of experience in executive producing and directing for television, running live events, conventions, and various other multimedia events, including multi-cam video shoots. I am insured as well, for your piece of mind. About Me SOCIAL MEDIA REACH OUT TO ME Tulsa, OK, United States 918-986-7285 Send Thank You!

  • Photography | website

    MY PHOTOGRAPHY When I'm not creating content, I enjoy going outside to ride a bike, or take photos. Fireworks! Fourth of July fireworks taken in Mayfield, KY in 2019. Click on the photo for the gallery. "Weird Al Yankovic" - Kansas City, August 31st 2019 I've been a huge fan of "Weird Al" Yankovic since I was twelve. I've taken a lot of concert shots of him over the years. Click on the photo for the gallery. MACRO PHOTOGRAPHY This was taken at the Tulsa Botanic Garden in September of 2019. Click on the photo for the gallery.

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