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4/27/2022 Update

I have been quite busty since my last post.Not everything I have to share is good.

On December 10th, while I was live directing the TCC evening graduation ceremony from the front of house, an EF4 tornado hit my hometown of Mayfield, KY and tore it apart. My friends and family are OK, but the town is still struggling to rebuild. I visited there twenty days after the tornado, and the amount of damage is well beyond what I thought it would be. My host saw my video, and asked me to be a guest on my own show. So, I video directed, TD'd, and answered his questions all at the same time.

The non-profit I'm part of, AFT-ID, sent a load of musical instruments to Mayfield to replace those that were lost.

In happier news, I've started live directing live in person events. It's a little like directing television, only the cues I'm giving are things happening on stage in front of a live audience. There is someone there directing video for the large I-MAG screens, but I've run the whole show for a couple of events now.

One of these was for a Sonic ownership group who had their convention in Norman, OK.

Last week, I was hired to direct a multi-day Sonic owners group convention in Albuquerque, NM. It was a lot of long days and hard work, but it turned out to be a great experience. There was a lot of troubleshooting, and technical issues leading up to opening day, but we sorted those out, and the clients and the attendees had a great time.

I enjoyed the experience, and I can't wait to do it again!

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