I've worked in multimedia television since 1995. I started at WPSD-TV in Paducah, Kentucky in the video tape room. I moved from there to news photographer, then production director. In 2001 I left to become a director/editor at KTUL-TV in Tulsa, OK. I stayed there until February of 2016. I decided that it was time to move to a different area of the television business, and I now work at KRSU-TV in Claremore, OK. I am a producer/director, meaning I create a lot of the content that airs on our station.


In 2017, I won my first Emmy award for "Perspectives - Jana Jae." Since then I have been nominated four other times for my work. 

I am also a 2004 Telly Award winner for "Tulsa Extreme Makeover." 

I also produce/direct live college basketball, our regional music show, "Studio 66," and any live events headed up by the university. 

I direct/technical direct "I Want Answers!" It is an academic game show.


I also freelance direct live events. both corporate and non profit events, such as the Tulsa Ballet, the Heroes Ball, and various Sonic ownership group conventions.  

I am the Chief Marketing Officer for AFT-ID. It is a nonprofit that helps children and schools get musical instruments that they need, but may not be able to afford. We are also working to try and save music in schools. 

In my spare time, I enjoy still photography, computer gaming, and playing bass guitar.

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