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I am a video/multimedia expert with over 28 years of experience. I can direct a live event, edit existing footage, or shoot your event, and stream your event. I am also insured.

Direct/Technical Direct

If you need a director/technical director to direct a live event I can do that. Please contact me for hourly/daily rates. I can also live stream your event.


Video Editing

If you have raw video footage that you need edited, I can do that. The video can be posted to the web, and or sent to you when complete. Rates depend on complexity of the project, please contact me.



If you need someone to document your event, I provide multi-cam videography and photography services. Rates depend on how many videographers and photographers you need, so please contact me for more information. 


Event Producing

If you need someone to help you produce your live event, I provide those services as well. I have produced multi-day corporate events and ensured those events ran smoothly and on time, and the attendees had a good time.

Contact me at:
Or call, 918-986-7285

Let's Work Together

I would be happy to help you out with your production needs. Contact me at

Or Call 918-986-7285

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