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September Update

I've been keeping myself fairly busy. We are back into production season at the TV station. Our control room has been renovated, and the space is used much more wisely now.

I was just the subject of a podcast for a senior student from Murray State University over in Murray, KY. I'll share that when I get the link to it. I hope that I didn't sound too awful.

I have also directed a few live events including a couple of dinners, and a virtual meeting.

I'm working with Acoustic Freight Train again. I recorded their Riverwalk Rally concert in 4K, and I'm putting those videos on their social media pages. So far the response has been great! I'm not done with all of them yet, I had two other events last week, so I'm posting these as I get to them.

If you want to see more from Acoustic Freight Train, check out Acoustic Freight Train on Facebook. There are several more videos there, and several more that will be shared soon.

Otherwise, I may be working on a couple of other projects soon if it works out. Fingers crossed, and see you soon!

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