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Growing the Business

It has been a while since I've dropped in to chat. Things have been busy at work. New equipment, and a remodel are coming there after I'm done recording this season of "Studio 66" in May. So far we've had musical guests such as Jake Flint, and Larkin come in to our studio.

Since I'm wanting to grow my video/photography business, I have invested a bit in some new equipment. That should really up my game a lot. I looked at some of my recent projects, and realized it's time to upgrade.

I will also share that I have been vaccinated! I had my second shot last Friday. The side effects were not bad. I had some joint pain Friday night and Saturday morning.

Sunday was a big day, AFT-ID, our nonprofit, presented Jana Jae with several violins. We had a really nice event over at the Woody Guthrie Center.

Thank you to everyone who donated!

If you need someone to shoot your event, let me know!

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