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  • Emily Spivy

April Update

I don't have a lot of time to update the blog, but I wanted you to know that I've been busy. Trying to get a project off the ground. I have one in progress, even though I lost another one that I really wanted to do.

I'm hoping to get to work with the drone more often. I took it up yesterday to look for springtime colors, and did not come back with a lot, except some green. You get to have a decent look at the Osage Hills though.

Last month, I finished a very good piece about Michael Wallis, and it has been very well received. In case you were not able to see it, or missed that it was on, here is the show for you.

I have a couple of big projects coming up in May. One if it comes to pass, will have me editing a big part of the summer. I also had to postpone a piece I hoped to get out this season for "Perspectives." I still need more cover video and a couple of sound bites to finish that project.

Anyway, I hope everything has gone well with you. Our cats and dog are doing well. Jason and I have been doing a bit of never ending work on the house. See you next time!

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