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Hertz the Cat, and her Back.

I reluctantly started a fundraiser on Facebook. Below this photograph of Hertz, I explain why.

Hertz the Cat

Hertz the cat suffered an injury in July. We bought some items at Lowe’s one night, and she investigated a plastic bag that had a spray can in it before we put the contents of the bag away. She got her head stuck in the bag, and panicked as she ran around the house. She hit furniture, and the can banged into her until Jason got the bag off of her. She hid afterward, but we did not realize she was injured until later. We took her to the vet, had x-rays done, and they thought it was a deep tissue bruise because the x-rays showed nothing. She got a bit better after a round of medication, then she started hurting again. We brought her back and had more x-rays done, they sent these to OSU’s school of animal medicine. They didn’t see anything either. She slowly improved a bit, but after a while started to decline again. We took her back to the vet last night, and when the vet looked at her, said we needed to go to OVS and get her a CT scan.

Her CT scan showed that she had a fractured vertebrae from the incident, and when it healed, it formed a spur that is poking her spinal column.

The cost for this is going to be a bit above $4000.00.

I don’t like the idea of asking for money, but a few friends said they would help. Hertz is only 14 months old, and she is a loving cat.

I lost my fourteen year old cat earlier this year due to natural causes. The vet in June said Pepper most likely had a Thyroid Storm. Rare, but usually fatal. So, I thought I'd share this here. I started it last week. So far, enough people have given money that her overnight hospital stay tonight should be covered.

As I was typing this, I just got a phone call. Her surgery went well! She is in recovery, and will spend at least one night in the hospital.

If you feel like helping, here is the link to the Facebook fundraiser.

She is only 14 months old, and she was a rescue from Kentucky that was staying at my sister's vets office.

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