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Our First Anniversary! Not To Mention, My Second Blog Post Here.

On a personal note with this blog, my first wedding anniversary was Sunday. Jason is a good man, and I'm glad that we reconnected as friends, and allowed a good relationship to form. It's too bad that we didn't get together in high school, but we both had other things and other relationships in those days, and we were just good friends for years. In the end, things probably worked out for the best.

On a more professional note, I'm booking guests for the new year on "Perspectives." If you have a suggestion for a guest, let me know. Here is an example of a segment we did a couple weeks ago for the show:

Oh, and I'm quite excited on another level. Looks like I'll be going to another "Weird Al" Yankovic concert next April. Even more awesome after "Another One Rides The Bus" made an appearance on "The Walking Dead" Sunday night.

As my friends will tell you, I'm a huge "Weird Al" Yankovic fan. In case you haven't picked up on that. "Weird Al," Rush (the band), and Ghost are my favorite three musical acts.

"Weird Al" and me. October of 2013.

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