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  • Emily Spivy

What a "Weird" Time!

Since I last wrote, I attended a fun "Weird Al" Yankovic concert in Kansas City where he sang original songs, not the parodies that you're used to hearing.

"Weird Al" talking.

Weird Al talking about one of his songs.

Me, Al, and Jason!

The show was quite fun. The meet and greet wasn't the greatest setup. It was the first time I'd been shuffled through an assembly line after an Al show. In the past, "Weird Al" would come out and mingle with us a bit at his own pace. But, I'm still grateful I got to see him again.


On May 9th, I attended a reunion for my first television station, WPSD-TV in Paducah, KY.

Me in the hallway of my first station.

That's the place where I got my real start in the TV business. I was a work study student in college, but WPSD gave me the real world knowledge I needed to actually work in television. Therefore, I'm grateful for that.

Some of my former co-workers.

It was a lot of fun seeing several of my former co-workers, and some of the people I grew up watching on TV. They hope to make it an annual event, so I plan on going back as long as they will let me.


In other news, this season of "Perspectives" has ended. I'll be reaching out soon to book guests for season 13.

I directed a rather spirited gubernatorial debate Wednesday night. It will air tonight at 9PM on RSU-TV, and it will be posted online on our YouTube page around the same time. I'll try to remember to come back and post a link later.

I'll be back soon. Take care!

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